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Minor White, Window Sill and Reflection, 1958, Gelatin silver print, Collection of Tokyo Photographic Art Museum [reference image]

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Media of the lights (tentative)

Mar. 2Apr. 20, 2022

  • Mar. 2Apr. 20, 2022
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“Shashin is a general term in Japanese for the techniques of fixing optical images, radiant energy, and traces of particle beams as visible images, as well as for the images obtained by these techniques. It is synonymous with the English term ‘photograph,’ which comes from Greek words meaning ‘to draw with light,’ a name coined by the British scientist John Herschel in the late 1830s to refer to the photographic printing process involving the use of a paper negative invented by Fox Talbot, one of the inventors of photography.” (Encyclopedia Nipponica, Shogakukan)

This exhibition focuses on the etymology of photography as “drawing with light,” and examines the characteristics of this medium. Since the birth of photography in the 19th century, various forms of expression have appeared and evolved. However, one thing that has remained consistent is the principle of “fixing light.” All people who take and produce photographs perform this act in some form.
How have artists thought about and worked with this characteristic of photography, and how did they incorporate it into their own forms of expression? This exhibition will provide an opportunity to view and consider a diverse and one-of-a-kind selection of works and publications with a focus on those from the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum’s collection at the most part.

Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, no title, 1922, Gelatin silver print, Collection of Tokyo Photographic Art Museum [reference image]

William Henry Fox Talbot, The Leaf of a Plant, from the Pencil of Nature, 1844-46,Calotype, Collection of Tokyo Photographic Art Museum [reference image]

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